Do bottle shops leave you befuddled and reaching for the best looking label?

At Blind, we think it’s your turn to be the judge.
We cover up the bottles so you can discover what you like – without the influence of a label.
We’re closing the gap between you and exceptional wines, and sharing our wine knowledge so you can snag some wine superpowers of your own.


Blind Wine Tasting Events are about getting friends together and trying decent wines in an authentic way.

We cover up the bottles to remove preconceptions so you can try wines without the influence of a label, winemaker, varietal or region.

James, our wine guy, selects the crème de la crème of wines, giving your tastebuds something to cheer about.

We hold regular events (check out our events page) or you can have us come to you for team building or an evening with your partners in crime.

So go on.

Get your Blind session on.



Here at Blind we prefer to talk about wine in a way that everyone gets, down-to-earth and a bit of fun.

Watch our social media pipelines for more and join in the banter with your own.

(no “fruits of the forest” around here!)

‘Grandma’s over-zealous lemonade’ flavoured chalk

Smokin’ hot dark fruit bad boy with a pocket full of spiced meats

1 day old fruit salad with a dollop of yoghurt on the side


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We’ll will bring you the latest on the industry goss, hands-down top wines and where to get them, plus pro tips that will have your friends thinking you’re a handy little wine guru to have around.


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