We are a Sommelier & a Business guru

who like wine.

We like new things, niche things, boutique things, things without the fluff.

We say no to “fluff’.

The world of wine is a giddy place, so we want to close the gap between you and awesome wines, with a kick-ass wine delivery that just gets you.

You’ll be entrusted with our knowledge and become one of the crew who knows stuff about wine.

Life's short.
Buy the shoes, drink the wine, order the dessert.
- Anon


Hi, I’m Katie, and like you, I love wine.

But I found that I was always reaching for the same label or variety, and felt like there was a massive gap between me and some very decent wine. I didn’t want to be drawn into the usual traps of pretty wine labels, tried and true varieties, or old mate who claims, “This wine has 99.5 points” anymore. I wanted my own educated opinion. I wanted to trust my palate. We realised there were other folk in the same boat, so we started Blind Wines.

My background is marketing and event management, working with some pretty major brands. I left my city life, switching my heels for boots and a border collie.

Spare time? Well that’s easy; wine, mates and country life.


Hey, I’m James, and I’m as unpretentious as they come. Whatever the opposite of ‘pretentious’ is, that’s me.

I used to be a muso, dabbled in horticulture, worked in cellar doors, and spent the last 10 years working with some cracking chefs, learning about tastes, combinations and food balancing. But wine has always been my true love.

I wanted to start Blind Wines to give people the knowledge that I’ve acquired on wine. I found that people coming through the cellar door perceived a gap between them and the winemaker, but I disagreed. It just takes trust. Trust in your palate and trust in your opinion. So through Blind, I’ll  break it down for you; there’ll be no wafty descriptions, just a straight line from my brain to yours. I’ve got your back.

In the downtime, you’ll find me punching some serious weights (crazy right?!), in the garden, or trying the next wine for you.

We’re always producing wine delivery videos, however sometimes those don’t always go to plan! Enjoy.