The Book About Champagne That Every Girl Needs!

“To Champagne – a beverage that makes you see double and feel single” – Anon

Here at Blind we love a good drop, but also a good book. Nothing better than tucking into your favourite chair with a glass of your fav and a decent read. Don’t mind if I do sip on some Laherte Frères Champagne from the Blind Wine Cellar whilst I do just that!

Well here’s a book on one of our favourite subjects, talk about ticking a few boxes!

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Jonathan Ray’s book ‘Drink More Fizz’ gives us 100 of the world’s greatest champagnes and sparkling wines to drink with abandon.

In alphabetical order, his descriptions are frank, funny and easy to understand, no snobbery here, just how we like it at Blind Wines!

Jonathan says “Being something of a lush, I have a number of favourite drinks that I turn to regularly when I need a bit of a lift. Pour me an ice-cold manzanilla or fino sherry, say, a gin and tonic, a bone-dry Martini, a caipirinha, a Negroni, a creamy draught Guinness, a buttery white Burgundy, a supple New Zealand Pinot Noir or – ooh, yes please! – a luscious Alsace Gewurztraminer vendange tardive and I will guzzle it and come back crawling on my knees begging for more. It’s a sad, stark truth, though, that none of these delicious beverages, excellent though they all are, will raise my spirits quite the way that a cold glass of top-quality champagne or even tiptop sparkling wine will. There’s just something indefinably spot-on and uplifting about fine fizz.”

“Meet me down in the bar! We’ll drink breakfast together.” – W.C. Fields The Big Broadcast of 1938

I love this book, however can’t help but be the tiniest bit jealous of the travels Jonathan took on to ‘research’ the book. That’s my kind of research!

If you’re looking for a book that not only gives you a guide on some great fizzes around the world, covers off some of the more technicals aspects, cocktails, wine terminology along with some fun, get your hands on a copy. It’s also a great gift for your friends!

You can purchase it at most online book stores including Amazon, here’s the link Drink More Fizz