Grace 2015 Koshu Private Reserve


“Koshu is an ancient Japanese variety that has been cultivated for 1000 years. Enjoy this wine with sashimi, cellar until 2021”

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Koshu is an ancient Japanese variety that has been cultivated for 1000 years. It has pink thick skins which help it stay disease free in Japans relatively humid summer months. DNA profiling of Koshu has found no identified relatives so it sits on its own, however it does belong to the Vitis vinifera species, so it originally must have made its way from Europe to Japan. Koshu has a very delicate flavour and tends to produce the best wines when yields are kept low, which the viticulturists a Grace have done.

This wine is grown on very steep banks on clay gravely soils in the Toriibira Vinyard. The vines receive long daylight hours allowing the fruit to fully ripen and develop its full array of flavours, there is also a large day to night temperature variation which helps the grapes maintain acidity keeping the wine fresh. It is a truly remarkable and beautiful region perched on the side of Mt Kashiwao.

This wine is the “Private Reserve” bottling which is far more intense and interesting than Grace’s regular Koshu offerings. Most of this wine is fermented in stainless steel, however a part of this wine has been vinified in oak, you can barely make it out on the palate, the oak adds a touch of spice and charred wood on the nose, but the winemakers have balanced it very well with the fruit and the oak never stands out.

When you first smell this wine, you will notice how light and delicate it smells; blossoms, white peaches, honey suckle and petrichor. Very fresh, vibrate and elegant. The palate is dry and incredibly light at first, pure lemon water, with a hint of salty freshness, then the back-palate kicks in and the wine become quite powerful, at Grace they call this a “slow attack”, the flavours become more red and green apples with a bitter almond twist.

Enjoy with sashimi, cellar until 2021

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