Jo Landron Amphibolite Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2017


“This wine is really reaching peak drinking now. Drink with oysters, sushi or fish and chips.”

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Once again, we find ourselves in the cool, damp region of Northwestern France. Muscadet sits very close to the coastal town of Nantes where it gets hammered by the relentless Atlantic Ocean, the geography offers the region very little reprieve. Luckily Melon de Bourgogne is a tough little grape, frost hardy and ripens in even the most difficult conditions.

I have featured Jo Landron’s Muscadet in previous packs however this wine is one of his single vineyard Cuvee’s made to highlight the various soil types Jo has on his estate. Amphibolite is the name of the wine but is also the name of the soil in which these vines grow. Amphibolite soil is a metamorphic soil type made from mineral amphibole and feldspar, it is a soil high in minerals and can be quite structurally fragile.

Jo Landron has vinified the wine ‘naked’ as he calls it. This means he really has tried to capture the essence of the soil by harvesting, then crushing the grape directly into glass fermenters with no additions excluding a little sulphur as he could manage. Jo really is an inspiring winemaker with an ambition to lift his Melon de Bourgogne to Grand Cru level.

Here the wine is salty, and tangy, even more so than his entry-level Cuvee la Louvetrie. The wine is beginning to show some bottle development with it appearing quite yellow in the glass, it is also surprising viscous and concentrated. This wine is really reaching peak drinking now.

Drink with oysters, sushi or fish and chips.

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