Still sending the intern out for last minute office bar restocks?


We have a range of packs selected to suit the mood or occasion.
Whether you go that gig and it’s time to celebrate or it’s been one of those weeks – wine time!

When you got that big gig, celebrate with sommelier selected wines from across the globe.

Includes: Sparkling, White & Red PLUS delivery to your office, choose from 6 or 12 bottles

It’s been a long week, and it’s time to ‘wine’ down with the team!

Includes: White, Rosé & Red PLUS delivery to your office, choose from 6 or 12 bottles


Your boss is on your back, you need to win them over or you’re trying to land that client.

Includes a two extremely rare and impressive Sommelier selected top shelf wines: White & Red

A mile stone has been achieved, that promotion was granted, or super human effort needs decent recognition!

Includes a 3 bottles of Sommelier selected wines: White, Rosé & Red

Wish someone a Happy Birthday with this gift pack including 2 exquisite Italian glasses and decent French Champagne. Gift shopping ✓

Includes a 1 bottle of Sommelier selected Champagne & two Zafferano Champagne flutes.

Someone went the extra mile; saved you time, saved you money or saved you from the mother-in-law.

Includes a 3 impressive Sommelier selected wines: White, Rosé & Red


PLUS we offer Blind Wine Tasting events:
Our sommelier will guide you & your colleagues through a blind wine tasting in your own office.

Great for team building events or Friday chill out session


Sommelier Selection

You can also choose from a range of individual wines selected by our sommelier from our cellar.

Make your own 3, 6 or 12 pack of wines that we think you’ll be pretty impressed by.

Delivered to anywhere in Australia