Could it be true? Another sign wine is part of a balanced, healthy diet

“My balanced diet is a glass of wine in each hand!”

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In great news for wine drinkers, some fabulous scientists from Washington State University (read: heroes) have served up research that claims drinking wine can lower your risk of obesity.

That’s right, the research showed that wine contains a chemical known as resveratrol, which sort of blocks the body’s fat cells from gaining any more fat. 

Professor of animal sciences, Min Du, explained the chemical resveratrol “increase[s] gene expression that enhances the oxidation of dietary fats so the body won’t be overloaded”. In non-scientist terms, that basically means it keeps your old body in balance and prevents metabolism failure.

And here we were thinking we had to go to the gym!

The study went on to suggest that drinking two glasses at night was even better for your health, because it helps you feel full and avoid the perilous threat of late night food binging.

But that’s not all the scientists have found. In fact, another study from the University of Denmark even implied that people who drink wine each day have a smaller waistline. Hello, merlot!

And to give you a home run on your wine drinking justification, according to Higher Perspectives, Harvard did another study of a whopping 20,000 people and their weight. This study revealed that every single person who actually gained weight throughout the study was part of the group that didn’t actually drink.

So forget evening walks or calorie counting – just pop a delightful bottle out of your new Blind Wines pack, and enjoy knowing that you’re doing plenty of good stuff to take care of your body.