In news that’ll hit male wine snobs right where it hurts, a new study has shown that women have the more discerning wine palate.  

Look out male wine drinkers – women have the superior palate!

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Yep, according to the research, which saw 208 volunteers blindly taste two whites, one rose, and three reds, women came out on top for identifying the better wine, while men struggled to notice the difference. Although, personally, we’re more shocked people got to sit around blindly tasting wine for work – imagine having that job!

The blind taste tests showed that while women tended to give the wine lower scores than men, they managed to identify different characteristics in each of the wines. Men, on the other hand, scored wines higher based on strong emotional responses. 

Interestingly, the study found the older the participant, the higher they rated the wine – regardless of its attributes. And here we thought only uni students – and us – gave wine two thumbs up, whether it was cleanskin or $150.

(We draw the line at cask wine)!

The research claimed, “All of the wines evoked significantly higher scores in older adults than in middle-aged and young adults for most emotional terms.

“However, young adults showed higher discrimination between wines than the other age groups, in terms of emotional responses.”

The study also showed drinking wine was a more pleasurable activity for women  – something every female Instagram account will attest to – and that the ladies preferred white wine to red.

Overall, it was the light, floral and fruity wines that pulled more votes from the 208 blind wine tasters, while liquorice, vanilla and clove notes drew a less than positive emotional response.

So there you have it ladies, the wine list is all yours!